Gracefully Made Jewelry

Gracefully Made Jewelry 

“Each piece is graceful, delicate, and dainty, so it’s always comfortable and always in style. The personalized jewelry is carefully made by stamping each letter one at a time by hand. Everything is made to order and I love making jewelry that is created to the one who will wear it”.
Hand stamped jewelry is unique and one of a kind. Each letter is stamped individually by hand, not a machine. It takes time and effort to create a personalized piece of jewelry. With this in mind, you should know that words are not always going to be perfectly straight. These "imperfections" give each piece of jewelry a unique character. The pressure used in the hand stamping process creates an impression onto the backside of most pieces. There is simply no way around this. For this reason, only the front of each pendant can be customized (unless otherwise noted). I only send out the jewelry I am proud of, so you can be assured that your jewelry will be beautiful! 

Delivery: 5-8 days 



Gracefully Made Jewelry, founded in Austin, Texas by Sarah Grace Chastain in 2009, is handmade and created with the use of a variety of high-quality precious metal including fine 14K gold or sterling silver. This personalized jewelry is a complete collection designed to reflect your family’s love.