Phive Rivers

Imagine a perfect handbag that Is untouched by machine and man crafted by hand, That is a bag by Phive Rivers

With attention to the minutest element, from the texture and grain to the size and width, no part of our material is left without scrutiny. Every piece is stitched by hand, in our own distinct style, with a delicate finesse that molds separate pieces of leather together as one, giving that unique look.

Setting trends has been our creed and it’s a belief that reflects in all our distinct designs, inspired by fashion ramps across the world.


The brand is young and vibrant, Founded by Mohit Gil in 2013 and supported by sourcing partners in Italy and India, always ensuring high-quality finished products that are environmentally friendly. Design teams are located in Italy, with inspiration and support from our design consultancy offices in Paris and Florence. Created with a vision to showcase a talented team of artisans that labor to design a beautiful luxury bag from carefully chosen exquisite natural leathers that are imported and handcrafted to perfection. Phive Rivers has been developed as a brand which crafts eye-catching yet industrious products which combine modern and pioneering forms to create engaging products.