Each handcrafted piece of the Wolfhardt collection is created with a passionate taste of style with quality and depth of being unique, sexy and seductive.




Matthew Wolfhardt

"After graduating from college, I knew I wanted to seek out something of my own. I came across a thrown out piece of leather and a couple of pieces of hardware, I had put together my own leather cuffs and as they became an attachment to my style and personality. People started to take notice, and as I shared my story, I realized that leather was to be my medium. I loved the smell of leather, how it grew to you and shaped itself to your personality. I quickly put together a small collection on my living room coffee table and named it Wolfhardt."

Wolfhardt wasn’t to be just any label. But a name that would be recognized to quality, luxury, and style.

"My father came here from Germany as a young boy shortly after the war. He not only brought new possibilities and new dreams but a legacy. Withmy creativity and his name I created a brand that is bold, sexy and not over empowering."