Sharon Tatem Crop Hoodie Limitied Edition Collection Melissa

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Sharon Tatem Crop Hoodie Collection Melissa

Sharon Tatem Hoodie Collection Melissa. These are the most wonderful hoodies you will wear.  Wash it and it looks great, and it goes with the whole collection. Collections include Perfume, Melissa, and Palm Beach Pink. Sharon Tatem Crop Hoodies are this seasons go to Hoodie.

This crop hoodies has soft pockets and nice long sleeves.
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About Melissa

Her Story

Melissa is the girl who runs towards a dream.
She is a gentle soul
She has a passionate spirit.
Persevering is a power she is discovering in herself.
Her life is about Believing in her dream.
Melissa is on a mission to make her dream come true.

About the Original Painting

"Melissa" is the name of the painting. The original is 36" x 48" and painted with oil on a wood panel. The painting took 12 months to complete. Oil on wood 36" x 48"
The professional photograph used for creating all the fashion and prints makes the print quality amazing.

The painting is about a beautiful house on the beach, and a woman with 2 cats and a swimming pool just outside her terrace. The art is created in the unique color deco art style by Sharon Tatem. A dreamscape is a place where dreams come true. Melissa is a place I would love to be. Wearing the Melissa Collection makes you feel like you are there.