Skull and Heart Silver Dangle Charm Ring

Ring made of silver, rose gold, gunmetal-plated brass, silver crystals chains, and charms. Hand varnished and hand made. Hypoallergenic. Made in Italy.

Size: Adjustable.

Material: Brass and Swarovski Crystals.

Timing: Ready to Ship in 1-2 Business Days.


The Maiden-Art collection of jewelry and accessories by Maristella Colombo is titled Take me into your skin and is inspired by the art project also titled Take me into your skin by Maristella Colombo. In the photographic project, the artist, through processing and digital cameras, is looking for the harmony of nature, light and soft contours of the female body, creating intricate and emotional landscapes between body and soul. The jewelry and the accessories of the collection, through the lights of metal chains, crystals, and natural stones, sculpt the body with beautiful harmonious shapes. The color palette of the collection goes from dark tones like antique silver, antique copper, black gold to light tones like shining silver, light pink gold, shimmering rock crystal, shading agate stone, cheerful turquoise, dazzling pyrite, and natural coral. Every design is timeless, unique, entirely hand made and totally made in Italy. The collection is made «to dream», to embellish the body with a flash of light, color, freshness, and brightness.