About us

Miraposa is your source

for Independent Fashion Designers

from around the world

It is our mission to foster Independent Fashion Designers and make their fashion lines easily accessible to you.

Launched in 2018, , Miraposa Apparel is an online fashion portal providing women around the world with the ultimate style-fix through an exclusive range of modern Independent Fashion Designer brands known as the "makers". Catering to the global market, our online store features the very best of budding designer brands, ethically made exclusive lines, and limited edition collections by Independent Fashion Designers from around the world. It is here where you can find fashion that is not mass produced and is created with a hands-on approach by passionate budding designers who care about their product. When you are buying something from Miraposa not only are you supporting Independent Designers, at the same time, buying something unique that not everyone else will be wearing. 

We sincerely hope you love what you will be wearing from our collection!


Why do we believe in supporting Independent Fashion Designers?

1. Exclusive limited edition collections that are not mass produced.

2. Independent designers create their brand with an authentic and powerful narrative that is core to their brand and existence. Their collection is created with integrity, innovation and an hands-on approach. 

3. To foster the Independent Designers, all the collaborators and the fashion community, from the factory worker, to the fashion photographer, the brand manager, to the retail staff and the administrator. and everyone who makes their brand come to life. This community commonly share a dedication and passion to help bring a designers unique vision to life. 

4. Transparency of who you are buying from. When you buy a mass produced item, you have little knowledge how or where it is made. The anonymity hides a complex web of international factories and supply chains. Independent brands on the other hand often rely on the smaller, family owned cooperatives or factories to produce their collections. Without the required volumes and financial resources to make upfront down payments they simply can't work with anyone else. Such partners ensure responsible practices and quality craftsmanship.





Hi! I am Heather I am an artist, designer and the sole creator of Miraposa. Miraposa began with the simple idea of fostering the Independent Designer, the "makers" who bring something unique, artistic and authentic to fashion and by connecting those designers to women all over the world.

With that simple idea, came many challenges and learning hurdles. If I knew now all the challenges I would face, I would have never pursued this dream. However, with a leap of faith, passion, determination and lots of hard work Miraposa was born.  

We are still working toward our ultimate goal of being the top source for Independent Fashion Designer brands. As we are currently expanding our partnering program with brands from all around the world who create their lines with the environment and sustainability in mind. Miraposa may even create their our brand in the future. Who knows? All I can say is, with a goal and passion, anything is possible.