Alex Foxworth

Alex comes from a long line of indomitable Southern women who have profoundly shaped the way she views the world.  They inspired her to be unapologetically herself and to push beyond what is expected to be innovative. With her mother’s background in theater and love of Old Hollywood, Alex was introduced to costume designers such as Edith Head and Adrian.

This exposure to the world of the silver screen led her to discover women’s evening wear, classical tailoring, and millinery. From her father, she inherited an appreciation of music that introduced her to music icons of style, from Jimi Hendricks and Keith Richards to Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry. Upon entering her early teen years, Alex’s love of clothing manifested in a vast collection of Vogue and what would become a decade of experimental and somewhat questionable fashion choices. Somewhere between the Rolling Stones and Turner Classic Movies, a style ethos was born.

After graduating from Parsons School of Design in NYC, she fell into bespoke tailoring, and in November 2019, she launched the first women’s bespoke offering with Michael Andrews. With a focus on timeless style over ‘fast fashion,’

Alex designs her personal collection within a framework that blends couture with sustainable fashion. She focuses on creating pieces from upcycled luxury Kimono and other heritage garments, as well as organic fabrics like silk, wool, and cotton. 

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