Dharma Eyewear Co.

We create affordable, eclectic, high-quality, and ethically-crafted products that uphold our "Dharma" - our duty - to make a positive impact on both people and the planet. We hope to inspire you to explore new perspectives, to live more sustainably, and to care for Mother Earth and all her beings.

Our symbol is the "Chota Bandar," Hindi for "little monkey." We are inspired by his spirit and the way he seamlessly combines wisdom and curiosity in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Each of our frames embodies Chota Bandar's sense of adventure and his connection to the natural world. Where will your pair take you?

MAKE AN IMPACT...Every time you make a purchase, we will donate 1% of each sale and a pair of glasses to our non-profit vision partners.


Our company's founder, Dhruv Jagasia, was practically raised in the eyewear industry. After years of observing certain patterns of sameness - overpriced, poorly-made products, purely profit-driven brand philosophies and a total lack of transparency - he decided in 2014 that he needed to shake things up.

Driven by this passion to humanize the industry's landscape, Dhruv set out to find his team. Having grown up around the world, he soon attracted a talented group of people who were themselves just as passionate about travel, exploration, and eyewear, with their own unique stories to tell. He then reached out to the craftsmen and factories that he knew were trustworthy, the same folks who his father had worked with for decades. Together, we opened a start-of-the-art lab in New York with a closely-knit production network based in China.

After many trips back and forth between the U.S. and Asia, we had perfected a debut collection that we all knew we could be proud of. But something even more significant developed during those early travels. We met inspiring people from every corner of the globe and saw amazing places that we'd never seen before - and it was through the new glasses we were designing. On one of our many long plane rides home, we had a revelation: How beautiful would it be if we could build a community of people around our product who, like us, loved exploring and sharing, and whose insatiable curiosity led them to discoveries about both the world and their inner selves? We realized our glasses could be a part of everyone's journey. And so - Dharma Company was born.

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