Hidesign stands out for the sensuous naturalness of its high-quality leathers and the smooth soft glow of its solid brass fittings in the leather goods it handcrafts.

From its artisan roots of a two-man workshop to a company of 3000 spread all over the world, Hidesign has stayed true to its strong heritage of craftsmanship and innovative design.

While most tanneries shifted to the faster, cheaper process of chrome tanning, Hidesign revived the slow, labor-intensive method of vegetable tanning. Learning from centuries-old craft, using natural seeds and barks native to South India, we create fashionable leathers that get better with age.

At our atelier, craftswomen work in groups to construct a bag, because we believe human hands have a soul. With an average work experience of over 17 years at our atelier, we have some of the most skilled leather craftspeople in the world.

Nothing is too much trouble at our atelier- we still knot every stitch ending by hand, our leather cutters use a fine-pointed knife that takes over two years to master, our brass buckles are individually sand-casted and painstakingly polished by hand. In a world full of synthetic copies, Hidesign stands out for being a handcrafted luxury.