Luminous Being

Luminous Being is branded ‘eco-luxury.’ Our mission was born of a mutual passion for elegance, practicality, and sustainability.

Luminous Being was founded by Morningstar, who creates yoga clothes that are ethically made using sustainable materials in Los Angeles, California, "Our yoga clothing is super eco-friendly and sustainable. All of our clothing is American made with love and fair wages. Organic and eco-friendly, so you know you are in harmony with the planet with every purchase of Luminous Being yoga wear.



Our first iteration was to design a luxury yoga line of apparel that was gentle and luxurious on the skin, to more readily enable yoga practitioners to focus on their practice. In designing, we realized the need for yoga clothes that had ‘cushion’ and the ability to be worn from day to night, both at yoga and away from it. Through a focus on a minimal and refined aesthetic and color palette, we were able to arrive at a mix-and-match capsule collection that can be integrated with flip flops or high heels.

A touchstone of sustainability is quality clothes made to last. This being our framework, we set out to source organics and sustainable recycled textiles, while consulting with several fair trade designers, we arrived at the decision to manufacture all of our yoga wear pieces in the U.S.A. This provides us the opportunity to have a personal relationship with each member of our supply chain of textile providers and seamstresses.

Luminous Being’s unique intersection of elegance and function has had a far-reaching reception; we are featured in stores, boutiques, and yoga studios worldwide. Our feeling is that beauty is always sustainable, that elegance should be made with, both longevity and community in mind and that love for both the planet and people is a necessary keystone of any beautiful design. To this end, we are in alignment with our mission of ethically sustainable practices.