Custom Coordinate Necklace

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Custom Coordinate Necklace

A 1" washer is personalized with your specific location coordinates!

A small silver heart charm hangs through the center and the pendant hangs from an 18" link chain.

Please leave us the latitude and longitude coordinates in your order notes at checkout.

Coordinate Necklaces Collection 

Is there a location that holds a lot of value to you? No matter where we move to or where life takes us, there are certain places that stick out in our minds as places that have shaped us made us who we are today. For instance, where we were born, where we grew up, where we met our best friend or our soulmate, or where we got married are all locations that act as pivotal points in the trajectory of an individual’s life. GPS coordinates jewelry is a great way to commemorate meaningful times in our lives and keep them close to our hearts despite the distance. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Don’t worry! As a custom jewelry shop, we can customize any item of jewelry to your exact specifications so that you receive what you are looking for. Check out our custom latitude and longitude jewelry and feel free to send us your ideas.

What Longitude and Latitude Jewelry Commemorates

Longitude and latitude jewelry can commemorate a lot of different things.

  • Long-distance relationships
  • A lost loved one
  • Family members who live far away
  • Your wedding or proposal
  • Your first job
  • Your dream job
  • The birth of your children
  • Your “happy” place
  • Your first home
  • Your forever home
  • Where you grew up
  • A memorable vacation spot
  • Your honeymoon
The Designer

Here at Gracefully Made Jewelry, we specialize in high-quality jewelry and in custom made designs. Whether you see what you are looking for on our page or not, we can make it. As a custom jewelry shop, we are dedicated to bringing your coordinates jewelry ideas to life, so whatever you have in mind, let us know!